Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Entry - 100 " Mizo Cooking - Pork Sausages with Vegetables fry"


1. Pork sausage – 4 or 5 piece

2. French Beans - 3 or 4 piece.

3. Carrot - 1 piece (medium size)

4. Onion - 2 whole

5. Garlic – 1 whole

5. Ginger – 50 gram

6. Cooking oil – as per requirement

7. Salt – as per requirement

8. Black pepper. ( half table spoon)

9. Fresh coriander leave

Method of cooking:

Slides sausages, beans and carrot in bite size and keep it a side.

Heat frying pan with oil in medium flame, when it get hot put in onion, garlic n ginger, than stir it continously.

Than put in pork sausages, beans,carrot n salt to taste. Stir continously for 5 to 10 minutes.

And put in black pepper and fresh coriander leaves just 3 minutes before you put off the flame.
Cut onion, crush garlic and ginger.

Your sausage with vegetables is ready to serve.

Serve hot.

(If you like spicy you can put in green chillies according to your taste)

Note : Depends on requirement your cooking quantity can be increase.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Entry - 99 "Mizo cooking - Beef with vegetables fry"

I have posted many of my cooking picture in my previous post. Here i am trying my best to post out in details of recipes and cooking method. All respected fellow blogger who spare your precious time to visit me and those who inspire/advise me to blog out in details, this is for you. Please feel free to drop down your comments and advise.

I will try my best to show case Mizo cooking recipes hereafter.

Beef with Vegetables fry.


1. Beef - half kg (without bones)

2. green chillies n red dry chillies – 3 each

3. carrot – 2 piece medium size

4. French Beans - 3 or 4  nos.

5. onion – 2 medium size

6. ginger – 50 gram

7. garlic – 1 (whole)

8. black pepper sauce – 200 gram

9. cooking oil – as per requirement

10.salt – as per requirement.

Cooking method :

Cut the beef, carrot, and onion in bite size keep it a side in clean plate. Slide green chillies and keep it aside.

Marinate beef with 3 or 4 table spoon of fresh lemon juice or vinegar and keep it aside about 15 minutes. 

Crush the garlic and ginger. Cut dry red chillies in two pieces and keep it aside.

Heat the oil in frying pant and put in crush garlic, ginger, dry red chillies, and stir it continuously.

Than put in the beef and salt to taste, cook it for about 20 minutes. Stir it occasionally while cooking.

Than add carrot, onion, green chillies and cook it another 10 minutes.

Add the black pepper sauce 3 minutes before you put off the flame.

Your beef with vegetables fry is ready.

Note : You can increase the quantity according to requirement.

            Serve hot.